Real Estate & Hotel Consulting


The team provides residential and commercial real estate valuation advice for a wide range of purposes in a fast-moving market.

The services we provide:
• Valuation assets, Portfolios
• Feasibility studies
• Highest and best use studies
• Market studies
• Loan draw & budget monitoring
• Land registry searches
• Business plans
• SWOT Analysis
• Relocation of companies
• Securing and negotiating debt financing


In this increasingly competitive environment and rapidly changing market, property owners need their assets to be best positioned in the market in order to achieve their full potential and their optimal value. Our company offers a comprehensive approach and strategic business planning:

• Development of annual business plan, budget & forecast
• Market Assessment
• Lease negotiation and structuring
• Oversight of construction and tenant improvements
• Capital expenditure strategies
• Client reporting
• Asset disposition
• Strategies to maximize properties’ performance and investment value
• Cost management

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