Real Estate & Hotel Property Valuations

Property Valuations

– Property Types

  •     Hotels & Resorts (hotels in Greece and Europe, resorts, condo hotels, tour operator network expansion, etc.)
  •     Holiday housing (second homes, villas, etc.)
  •     Commercial (offices, retail shops, shopping centers, big box outlets, parking facilities, cinemas or theatres, etc.)
  •     Residential (single family homes, multifamily housing, residential buildings, apartments, etc)
  •     Land (Urban and non-urban)
  •     Logistics, warehouses and industrial property
  •     Special properties (heritage, islands, theatres, hospitals, schools, etc.)

– Valuations of plant and machinery (electromechanical installations, machinery and equipment)

– Business Valuation

– Intellectual property rights


  • Property Transactions: Purchase, sale, exchange of assets
  • Reorganizing, merging, distributing properties with multiple owners
  • Legal Disputes: Arbitration, distributions, expropriation, contractual disputes, foreclosures, multiple ownership, damages to properties and other assets
  • Consulting services: Information about value assets for company mergers, acquisitions, real estate development, insurance policies, valuation of technical projects, lease agreements and rent forecasts, corporate budgets, investments and auctions
  • Finance and credit: Mortgage loans, investments, financing instruments, refinancing, debt adjustment, to determine the required level of underwriting or asset insurance, for investors, investment funds, property management companies, REITs
  • Accounting: Configuration of banking institutions solvency ratio, valuation of SA shares not listed on the Stock Exchange, business valuations, value for specific balance sheet and real estate funds or investment companies
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